D.L. 6/8/16

Dr. Martinez is a fantastic counselor. She is open, receptive, honest, and has a lot of wisdom to share. 

A.B. 6/4/16

I've only been with Dr.Martinez for a few weeks and I love it! Dr. Martinez is a very good listener as well as a nice person. Telehealth is very convenient because you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to go see your therapist. I would recommend it t my friends and family!!

N.I 5/16/16

I love talking with Dr. Martinez and when my school counselor is not in or just busy I can talk to Dr. Martinez and rant about whatever.


K.B 5/05/16

Dr. Nicole has always been very compassionate, and she sends me some really great articles as well. I love having her as a therapist and chatting with her. She has been very understanding about when I can't pay and disappear for a month (or more). I am working with her on addiction issues mostly but we have also talked about depression, anxiety, and trauma - and she has been really wonderful. I highly suggest her. Thanks Dr. Martinez!


A.M 5/2/16

Dr Martinez has been caring, kind, and thoughtful in her interactions with me. She is also honest and reliable, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with internal issues. Thank you Nikki. :) 

DA 4/12/16

Thus far Dr Martinez has been very responsive, a great listener, very helpful and respectful. We have had a phone session and a few exchanges online and each time I am grateful to have found her. I look forward to our future work together. 


C.A 03/29/16 

Dr. Martinez is being a solid and reliable help to me in overcoming depression. It is extremely helpful to be able to write to her any time day or night and her replies have been compassionate and encouraging and very helpful.


 M.A  03/23/16 

Being teamed up with Dr. Martinez has been a great and refreshing experience. It feels like I'm writing to a friend. Signing up to work with her has been the best thing I've done to help battle my depression and binge eating.


C.L  03/10/16 

So far so good!


 T.E 02/28/16 

Dr. Martinez has proven to be a knowledgeable, empathetic and very sincere therapist who has her patient's best interest at heart. In a very short time she has been very effective in helping guide me to unlock some important information needed for my recovery and living daily with Bipolar Disorder. She is very responsive.

I highly recommend Dr. Martinez.

 S.A 02/04/16 

Dr. Martinez is very sweet and I feel like I am writing to a friend. She has send me very interesting articles which have been helpful to some extent in my situation.


 L.I 02/03/16 

Dr. Martinez is very open minded and responds to my messages very quickly.


 S.A 01/27/16 

Dr. Martinez is caring, compassionate and responds in a timely manner.


 N.A 01/06/16 

Dr. Martinez is very communicable and prompt and caring in her interactions and responses to my messages. She is insightful with good applicable ideas and I look forward to every interaction with her.


 M.I 11/18/15

Dr. Martinez is kind, caring and non-judgemental. She was really nice to talk to about my problems. I always felt better after talking to her. She was the support that I needed.


B.R  11/03/15 

Dr. Martinez is knowledgeable, organized, punctual, warm, supportive, understanding, a great listener and offers important suggestions & advice.


A.N 10/30/15 

Dr. Martinez is very compassionate and attentive. She responds quickly and frequently, especially considering other counselors rate of reply. I would definitely recommend her.


J.O 10/27/15

She is very responsive which I find extremely important in counseling. I feel like she listens well.


M.I 10/19/15 

Very helpful!


L.O 10/16/15

Dr. Martinez is a great professional; you can trust her and you feel like she wants the best for you, and she also gives great impartial advice. She intuitively understands the root of an issue, and can help you to see things more clearly and start solving your problems.


K.A 10/15/15 

Dr. Martinez has been wonderful. I feel totally comfortable telling her about my issues and knowing that I'm in a supportive and judgement free environment. I truly feel that she has my best interests at heart and she has a way of asking questions to make you think.


M.A 10/14/15 

Dr. Martinez has been so amazing to talk to, knowing when to pinpoint issues for discussion, offer advice or just a kind word. I like her so very much that I have recommended her to friends.


 A.E 10/07/15

I truly feel cared for by Dr. Martinez. It is great to talk to someone so positive when you feel like your own life is full of negativity.


H.E 10/01/15 

Dr. Martinez has been a huge help in dealing with the death of my husband. She listens and gives feedback to me that I can actually action to make myself feel better. I wouldn't be doing as well without her help.


K.R 09/29/15

Dr. Martinez has gone above and beyond every single day. I can say what I need to say when I'm feeling it. I don't have to wait for an appointment. She always responds sooner than I expect her to. Even in her off hours, she'll let me know she's there and listening. It's been a great experience for me Thank you so much!!


M.A 09/08/15

She is great and very understanding. Adore her!


T.U 09/07/15

Dr. Martinez has been a perfect fit for the type of therapy I need, she has been a Godsend!


J.O 08/11/15 

Dr. Martinez has been counseling me for the last month or so and she has been immensely helpful. I will continue to work with her on getting better.


M.A 08/10/15

Very responsive and reaches out when she hasn't heard from me in awhile!


 K.A 08/09/15 

Dr. Martinez has been working with me for a few weeks. She took the time to get to know me and I felt very comfortable talking to her. She has offered me solid suggestions to help me cope and improve my life. I look forward to making changes with her guidance.


B.E 08/03/15 

Dr. Martinez is extremely helpful and understanding. She makes me feel like I can deal with all the problems I'm facing. She is caring and compassionate but also great about offering suggestions for how to handle things.


 J.A 08/02/15 

Dr. Martinez is very good about responding to my messages and has been very affirming in what we've been working on together.


V.I  08/01/15 

Very helpful, would highly recommend.


 J.U 07/19/15 

I feel that Dr. Martinez helped me a lot with each session and I feel that each of them were very useful. I liked how she recommended key areas for me to work on. This provided me with focus on how to work on myself productively and feel accomplished in doing so. After informing her with what I was struggling with, she promptly provided me with the right tools and methods that work. I'll be sure to use them whenever I feel I need to. She's very understanding, non-judgmental and helpful. As well as being very prompt with her responses and wonderfully organised structure of therapy, her positive attitude made me feel hopeful and made me want to try, a quality that no one should take for granted. I'd recommend her to anyone!


 J.I 07/18/15

Very easy to communicate with her and understands our goals for this counseling session.


 D.A 07/16/15 

Dr. Martinez has been extremely helpful with the issues that I have asked her for help with. She gave me effective tools that I could start using immediately. She answers my posts very quickly. I would definitely recommend her.


 R.O 07/15/15 

I just wanted to write a note about Dr. Martinez. I appreciate the care in the recent stressful and difficult time, I also really appreciate her being non judgemental. I'm so apprecitive of her competent and reassuring care. She has made a major difference and helped me handle situations to turn out so positive.


L.O 07/08/15 

Dr Martinez is able to listen well to your concerns and has good understanding and insight into many problems. She is also interested to hear about self help which you are using and this is good to know that she cares enough to see the ways you are trying to cope your self. One of the best things about Dr Martinez, apart from her caring and insightful attitude is that she so often is able to reply very quickly. Whether I have a lot to say or not so much, I have found it good to know that I could write to Dr Martinez and she'd be there to get back to me. Thank You!


B.A 07/06/15 

This has been a very low time in my life. She has been very caring and concerned. I would recommend her to anyone.

V.E 07/06/15 

Dr. Martinez has been a great counselor. She responds in a very timely fashion and is able to ease anxiety. When talking with Dr. Martinez, she puts things in perspective without minimizing what I am going through. I am looking forward to continuing my sessions with her and working through my goals.


 C.H 07/05/15 

She's absolutely phenomenal! One of the greatest psychologist I've ever encountered. I would highly recommend Dr. Martinez to anyone.


 L.E 06/16/15 

Dr Martinez has been so helpful. She talks to me at my level. This fits into my schedule . I'm excited to continue my therapy! Dr Martinez is smart and sensitive and supportive. Thanks Doc!


 C.A 05/31/15 

I love having Dr. Martinez as my therapist. She is insightful, knowledgable, and extremely compassionate. I've been speaking to her for about three weeks now and I feel safe under her care and feel very comfortable opening up to her about my life. I am so grateful for her listening to me, and supporting and encouraging me.


 A.U 05/28/15 

Dr. Martinez is a wonderful therapist and has helped me process my issues tremendously, from the small every day situations to deep far-reaching issues I am working on concerning things like trust, abandonment and intimacy. I have had several therapists, and she is by far the best I have worked with. I appreciate her style of therapy and approach via email. She is able to provide support via talk therapy, but also by providing resources and practical tools and techniques in how to improve some core issues I am working on such as communication, self-care, and containing my emotions. I would highly recommend Dr. Martinez.


 M.A 05/26/15 

She's brilliant. Always there to help and she really genuinely cares about my well being. She is a great counselor.


S.E 05/19/15

Quite skeptical, I figured there was nothing to lose, so I started counseling with Dr. Martinez. She makes her self readily available. I never wait long for some response, even if it is just a courteous message she'll get back to me as soon as possible. 

A.S. 05/12/15Dr. Martinez has been fully accepting of and agile with my oscillating emotions and needs, providing fresh insight and encouragement without judgment or condemnation. I've appreciated her experience in working with my particularly delicate issues, handling it all with professionalism and great consideration to all the parties involved.  I would recommend Dr. Martinez (and already have) to others.