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Services Offered: 


Dr. Martinez offers a wide range of services to meet everyone's individual needs, financial situations, comfort levels, and schedules. Dr. Martinez offers individual and couples therapy sessions via video telehealth to those living in Illinois. She also offers Life Coaching and Consultation Services in various packages to meet individual needs regardless of geographic location. She is available to run training and speaking engagements with professionals in her areas of research and expertise. Please see the section below for detailed information. 

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Individual and Couple's Video Telehealth Services

Please see the Price List for Specific Pricing

Her therapeutic style can be described as integrative, assessing the needs and style that will best serve the individual client. She typically has a mix between Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and various holistic approaches, including positive psychology. She believes in exploring the connection between the body and the mind to treat all the individuals’ needs. Her belief is that an individual must explore many areas of their functioning to ensure optimum health physically and emotionally. She is positively focused to help the client move forward in a productive way with their life and past their current obstacles. 

Areas of expertise: medical and health psychology, trauma and trauma-focused CBT, depression, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, anxiety, forensics, pain management, substance abuse, addictive issues, couples work, sexual issues, special needs populations, and chronic medical issues. Evaluation and assessment of the above-mentioned individuals.

*** Note that only individuals and couples residing in Illinois can engage in services by law, even when they are in Telemental Health.

NLP, Life Coaching, & Mediation Services

Please see the price list for specific details on pricing. 


Dr. Martinez offers many options for Life Coaching. Whether you need one session to set structured goals and problem-solve, or you prefer a  number of sessions spread out for continual work on various goals and issues, there is a plan for you.  This is your chance to make the progress you have been hoping for. 

Of important note: Life Coaching can be engaged in, regardless of geographic location. However, mental health issues in the sense of individual therapy can not be part of this program. This is due to legalities, ethics laws, licensing, and basic safety guidelines. Mental health therapy can only partake with individuals within our own state. Life Coaching is a different endeavor. Of additional note, "Life Coaching," is not covered by insurance, as it is not a "medical" treatment, it is something that is beneficial, and that individuals engage in for personal development, but would fall under a category of "choice," by insurers.


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Consulting  and Assessment Services

The price depends on the size and scope of the project. Dr. Martinez consults with organizations and individuals. She designs and/or offers input into psychological projects and programs for a variety of Individuals, groups, and organizations. She participates in case reviews and assessments, from an unbiased third-party approach. She provides accommodations for numerous issues. She helps organizations learn to look at cases and groups to better treat many issues and complex cases. Call or send an e-mail today and see if she can be of assistance to you!

Areas of expertise: medical and health psychology, trauma and trauma-focused CBT, depression, eating disorders, LGBTQI populations, anxiety, forensics, pain management, substance abuse, addiction issues, couples and family work, sexual issues, special needs populations, chronic medical issues. Evaluation and assessment of the above-mentioned individuals, to name a few. Please see the home page for a more complete list. 

Training's and Speaking Engagements

Dr. Martinez has run numerous trainings and speaking engagements on a variety of topics. She would be happy to come to your site or organization to speak to your group (although in these historic times, virtual trainings are more practical and safe for all parties concerned). Fees vary based on location, length of engagement, and type of program. Possible areas include:


- Substance Abuse

- Co-Occurring Disorders

- Couples and family work

- Chronic  and progressive Illness

- Medical and Health Psychology

- IBS, Anxiety, and Depression and their connection

- Fibromyalgia

- Anger Management

- Depression

- Anxiety and Social Anxiety

- Holistic and Natural Treatments

- Caregiver Burn-out

- Pain Management

- Trauma-Focused CBT

- Working with LGBTQI Populations

- Boundaries in therapy

- Ethics and 'Doing no Harm'

- Post-Concussion syndrome

- Mast Cell Disease

- Early identification, prevention, and intervention of dangerous youth

- Leaving Toxic Relationships, "How' and no matter 'Who' they are, Empowering patients to break the myths


If there is a topic that is not listed, but you are hoping to have presented, please reach out, and I would be happy to discuss if that is within my area of expertise.

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