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Anger is "Learned" not "Inherited," Meaning, it can be "unlearned. Anger is a "Secondary Emotion", we are often just more comfortable expressing it, but under it is hurt, rejection, loss, humiliation, aching, vulnerability, etc....


"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

-- Buddha

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Therapeutic Style

Her therapeutic style can be described as integrative, assessing the needs and style that will best serve the individual client, but also adapting to their rapidly changing needs as frequently as they arise. She believes that it is important for the therapist and patient to work as 'partners' to develop goals, set the tone, and determine the course of treatment together, because who is better to help identify issues and priorities than the both of you together? She addresses what has and what has not worked for patients in any past therapeutic experiences, so that the you can work together to avoid approaches they felt did not work for them in the past, or integrate measures they felt were especially beneficial previously. She typically uses a mix of schools and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and various holistic approaches, including positive psychology, but is not strict on 'labeling them' as such, things will feel like they are occurring naturally. She believes in exploring the connection between the body and the mind to treat all the individuals’ needs. Her belief is that an individual must explore many areas of their functioning to ensure optimum health physically and emotionally. She is positively focused to help the client move forward in a productive way with their life, and past their current obstacles. 

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Area of Expertise

Areas of expertise: medical and health psychology, rare diseases, immune diseases and long-term functional issues, chronic and progressive medical conditions, first responders, front-line medical workers, frontline workers, long-term exposure and long-term recovery from the crisis, trauma, loss, and illness (long haulers), grief and bereavement, depression, trauma/PTSD and trauma-focused CBT. Eating disorders, anxiety disorders, social anxiety, pain management, substance abuse, MISA populations, addiction populations, and issues, sexual issues (dysfunction and legal), and forensics.


Couples and family work, LGBTQI populations, special needs populations, developmental disabilities, written expressive disorder, math and/or reading disorder, speech and language disorders, learning disabilities, accommodation support, autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's, and neurodiversity. Help with reintegration and unconditional positive regard for individuals looking for therapeutic support after leaving open and avowed cults, questioning their membership, or coming to terms with their involvement in one.


 Independent evaluation and assessment of the above-referenced populations, for individuals, couples, or families, via distance video technology. Consultations, projects, and program design for various consultant positions/opportunities as needed. Independent evaluations and reviews to meet various needs and purposes requested within the legal system, with the knowledge that my findings will be Independent, based on objective records available at the time of review, and based on the current Commissioners listings and rules updated 1/17/2017, 12.02-12.15 for adults and 112.02-112.15 for children and adolescents, as required for Independent Medical Experts for the Federal courts, if they are for SSDI cases, specifically. 

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